5-INGREDIENT KETO and Gluten-Free Taco Mix

5-INGREDIENT KETO and Gluten-Free Taco Mix

This super-easy taco meat recipe takes just under 30 minutes, including prep time. Partake in Taco Tuesday with a slightly healthier twist. To save time, if I know I’m going to be busy the day I’m making the first batch, I’ll prep by cutting the onions and peppers in advance and store them in the fridge—that way, I can throw everything together fast. This will become one of your family’s favorite dinners because it’s so tasty and everyone is able to serve it however they please. Toss it on a bed of greens or put it in soft tortillas or hard shells—whatever you’re in the mood for.


Simply put, it’s fast, foolproof (with lots of freedom), and most importantly, it’s amazing reheated the next day. I always use a pan, not a microwave, for leftovers. Learn the full step-by-step directions below.


2 lbs ground chicken or turkey (I grab whichever one is available; they both work perfectly)
1 red pepper, diced
1 yellow pepper, diced
1 large onion, diced
2 tablespoons of taco seasoning (keto, gluten-free, homemade, whatever you want)


1. Heat about 2 tablespoons of olive oil (or avocado oil, whatever you prefer) on medium-high heat in a pan and brown your onions. At this point, you can add some minced garlic with the onions, but it’s not necessary.
2. Throw the peppers in with your onions and continue cooking and stirring until they get some color. Throw in the ground meat and immediately start to break it apart while it’s browning so you don’t get huge chunks. A little hint: I’ve noticed that if I use a small pan, the chicken sticks into big clumps, so don’t be afraid to use a larger pan and give all the ingredients room.
3. Sprinkle in your taco seasoning and continue to stir and break up your chicken. Do not put the lid on the pan because it will immediately get juicy.
4. After all your ingredients are mixed well and the chicken has browned, it is up to you how long to continue cooking it for. If I know I will finish it all that day, I brown it a lot, but if I know I will save some for another day, I don’t brown it too much so when I throw it back on the pan to heat up, it stays moist.
5. You can pour this taco chicken on top of any greens, tortillas, or taco shells. I top mine with guacamole and eat it like a taco salad bowl. Adding guac and cheese is the perfect keto lunch or dinner meal. The possibilities are endless when the basics are easy.

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