About Henrik Pedersen




He was born in 1967 and graduated as a fashion designer in 1990 and now runs 365°, a Danish design studio based in Aarhus that focusses on lifestyle-based design. The core business is lifestyle-based design, ranging from furniture and lighting to projects for clothing and food packaging companies.


“For me, design must have a meaning. The shape, colour and choice of materials have to complement each individual design. Good design is functional, beautiful and easy to understand” he said.



“In our design solutions we adopt an international approach since our market place often spans the world. Our clients are both Danish and international enterprises and from many different lines of business. An important aspect of our work is keeping up with market trends, and therefore travelling, exploring and being inspired by the moment are essential to being able to see beyond tomorrow.”



It’s how one uses their education and experience that makes a difference, Pedersen likes to say. Good common sense and passion for your craft are what will take a designer far in their career.


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