Issue 002

GOODYS! Magazine - Issue 002

By Goodys! Magazine in Luxury Edition

60 pages, published 8/27/2020

GOODYS! Mag 002 - The Creative Artist AUG 2020

Goodys! Magazine features stunning fashion and luxury art photography along with written editorial. The quality of a book, beautifully laid out design, with over 50 pages, sheet fed printed on high quality art paper, this is not a digital on demand magazine, a collectable that is worthy of prime placement on any coffee table.

Issue 002 features a never-ending gate fold of the beautiful model Sara Antinozzi, Patricia Davalos and Ilenia Paolillo, shot by the multi-talented photographer Ciro Antonazzi. Also, read our exclusive story about the city of Florence, and what expect from fashion industry after Covid-19. Limited availability.